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Wiz Season Summed Up in One Play

Blatche gets embarrassed by Grizzlies



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    Luckily for the Wizards, the Redskins suck and the Caps are great. Because of those facts, the Wiz are currently getting overlooked in the D.C. sports scene. And they should be thankful.

    Take Monday's loss to the Vancouver, err, Memphis Grizzlies, for example. Not only did they lose, they managed to pull it off with some embarrassment, to boot.

    The embarrassment came at the hands of Jamaal Tinsley and the legs of Andray Blatche. That's right, Tinsley grabbed the ball on the left side near the 3-point line and moved in on Blatche. Blatche then assumed the position, which meant lunging forward with legs shoulder-width apart. Tinsley promptly thanked him for the holiday gift and dribbled the ball between Blatche's legs en rout to an easy layup.

    Here's the video:

    The move drew ooohs and aaahs and some wtfs from the Twitterverse:

    @JumpmanJordan: damn andray blatche got dunked on badly... time to put him on the blog

    @noamschiller: Jamaal Tinsley thinks he's on a playground. Dribbles between Blatche's legs for a layup...

    @dcsportsguys: Tinsley just nut-meged Andray Blatche. Yeah... that just happened.

    @MrMichaelLee: Andray Blatche, the new Reverse Human Highlight Film. Ryan Hollins yoked on him on Sat, then Jamaal Tinsley made him look SILLY

    Wait, what was that? There can't be even more Blatche, umm, highlights this week, right? Oh, there is.

    Here, Blatche is getting dunked on by Ryan Hollins:

    Hey, at least the Wizards are featured in a Dunk of the Night!

    Here's hoping there are some better highlights for Blatche and the Wiz the rest of the season...