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Wilson Ramos Speaks

Nationals player says he's fine after kidnapping



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    Washington Nationals catcher Wilson Ramos is speaking for the first time since being kidnapped in Venezuela.

    The 24-year-old catcher was taken by armed gunmen outside his mother's house on November 9, 2011.  He was rescued two days later by special Venezuelan troops.

    Ramos thanked his fans Wednesday night and said he is doing well.

    "I'd like to say hello to all the fans of "Los Tigres" Thank you for all the support that was given to me after what happened to me. I feel good and I'm happy to be back with Los Tigres," Ramos said before a game Wednesday night.

    "Los Tigres" is a Venezuelan team Ramos plays for in the off-season.

    He returned to the team Wednesday night, and will re-join the Nationals in the spring.