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NY Football Team Tosses Contract to Vick

$200 a week, plus a $50 bonus



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    $200 a week? The NFL paid Michael Vick so much more...

    If Michael Vick doesn't make it back to the NFL, he's got a place on a minor league football team for $200 a week, plus a $50 bonus for a win.

    That's the league standard being offered by The Albany Firebirds, an arenafootball2 franchise. 

    The 28-year-old quarterbacked the Atlanta Falcons for six seasons before being convicted of bankrolling an interstate dog fighting business. 

    Vick, who will go from federal prison in Kansas to home confinement in Hampton, Va. next month through July 31, might want to think it over.

    His lawyers are currently working out a revised bankrupcty plan that will still be based largely on resuming his once-lucrative NFL career. U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Frank Santoro rejected the first plan, which called for Vick to keep the first $750,000 a year that he earns -- with a percentage of any amount over that going to creditors. 

    Santoro said that there was no guarantee that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell would lift Vick's suspension after the former star completes his 23-month sentence -- and so far, Goodell has been mum on the topic.

    Between his Chapter 11 issues and the $10-an-hour construction job Vick will be working as part of his probation, the former star might want to consider the Firebirds' one-year contract offer.

    In addition to playing football again, it gives him another chance for redemption with a $100,000 mandatory donation to a local humane society.