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Maryland Students Fear New University Slogan

"Unstoppable Starts Here" won't replace "Fear the Turtle"



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    Testudo, the Maryland Terrapins' mascot, has a bit of fun during the second round game between the Maryland Terrapins and the Memphis Tigers.

    When word first got out that the University of Maryland was looking for a new slogan, jaws dropped. How could they even think about replacing "Fear the Turtle"?

    Fear not, Terps fans. The enemy will still fear Testudo. But what Terps fans fear is the second slogan being launched this weekend across campus.

    "Unstoppable Starts Here" is the new catchphrase that will help the university rebrand itself. The slogan will be based around four key areas -- research, student achievement, a vibrant state and a strategic location, according to the Diamondback. School officials decided to introduce a new slogan because they felt "Fear The Turtle" was associated too much with the sports department and not academics.

    But many wonder what the new slogan really means. The comments on the Diamondback Web site tell the story:

    "What does this mean? Unstoppable starts here? Not capable of being stopped, starts here." Terp Parent asks. "When UM builds a perpetual motion machine the slogan will fit perfectly. But even then I would prefer fear the terpetual motion machine."

    "We spent $250 thousand dollars and all we got was this crappy (2nd!!!!) slogan," another commenter wrote.

    And then came all of the slogan spinoffs -- something the university probably didn't plan for in its $250,000 budget. Such as:

    • "Unimaginable starts here"
    • "Unstartable stops here"
    • "Incredibly stupid starts here"
    • "Unstoppable bad management starts here."
    • "Unstoppable lack of respect for staff starts here."
    • "Unstoppable belief in administrators' decisions starts here."

    And so forth.

    So congratulations, Maryland. Your new slogan is already stimulating the minds of students, parents, staff and alumni. Fear the backlash!