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Titans of Tampering

Skins wouldn't know what to do with picks anyway



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    Even if it ends up costing the Skins a fifth-rounder, it won't much matter if it means they can wheel out a shiny new trophy and not just the dusty old ones from decades ago.

    What does Dan Snyder like more than overspending on players?  The Tennessee Titans think that the answer is overspending on players before they're actually free agents.  The Flaming Thumbtacks are considering filing tampering charges against the Skins over the signing of Albert Haynesworth.

    The Titans telegraphed their interest last Monday, when their GM (wait, NFL teams are allowed to have GMs?) mentioned that they were looking into it as an aside.  And now the Tennessean is reporting that they're going to push it more aggressively.

    Tennessee hasn't officially filed tampering charges, but it's looking increasingly likely that they will -- if they can round up the evidence.

    If it were just circumstantial evidence they needed, oh, they'd have plenty -- enough even to get Vinny sent to Sing Sing.

    There were plenty of rumors of a $100 million deal ahead of the free agency period.

    Everyone's favorite coffee snob, Peter King, reported that Haynesworth's agent had dinner with Danny Boy during the combine.  As PK put it, "I'm sure they were just talking about how it was colder here than at the Arctic Circle."

    The rumor-slinging PFT wonders about the timing, wondering how realistic that AH's jumbo deal, "was negotiated from scratch in roughly the time it takes to bake a turkey, at a time when the agent’s phone was reportedly 'exploding' with calls from other teams."

    If the Titans do pursue it, and the NFL and its hired goons -- at least the ones they haven't yet laid off -- are able to dig up some more dirt, the Skins could have to pay up.

    Last season, the 49ers had to give Da Bears their fifth-rounder and forced them to swap third-rounders when the league found that they had tampered with Lance Briggs.

    Although, given Cerrato's track record in the draft, and the team's general dislike of picks, would that really be much of a punishment?

    Chris Needham used to write Capitol Punishment.  He doesn't have any draft picks to forfeit.