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The Final Countdown

Latest stories say this weekend could be Bowden's last



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    "Stan, where do I file for unemployment if I live in Virginia but work in D.C.?"

    Will they or won't they?  The prospects of Jim Bowden's future with the Nats depends on which story you read, and when you read it.  Twist, twist, twist away in the wind.

    If you think he should stay, there's some good news.  There's a rift in the ownership group.  Apparently, the years of sucking up to Mark Lerner have benefited Bowden.  Mark -- despite pressure from some of the other members of the ownership group -- has thus far refused to cut bait on his leatherpanted friend.

    The Times said that "Several sources believe that nothing is imminent, that ownership wants to wait things out, see how the ongoing MLB and FBI investigations play out, before making a final decision."

    But that was yesterday's news.

    Today's a bit more cheery if you're ready to move on from the Segway era.

    Today's Times says that he could be fired by the end of the weekend.

    His Dominican consigliere, Jose Rijo, got the axe the other day.  And Assistant GM Mike Rizzo was in the D.R. over the weekend cleaning up Rijo's mess.

    Rizzo's on his way back, and Stan Kasten was overly effusive of the job he did down there.

    When you shake the Magic 8 ball, all signs are pointing to "yes."

    It's going to come down to whether the members of the ownership group with some bits of sanity left can convince little boy Marky that it's Bowden's time.

    They could start by reminding him that since he's the owner, the new GM will let him shag fly balls during BP anytime he wants.  MikeRizzo certainly wouldn't object.

    Chris Needham used to write Capitol Punishment.  He should have a better weekend than Jim Bowden.