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Supermom's Incredible Catch

Virginia Mom Nabs Foul Ball While Holding Baby



    NBC Washington's Darcy Spencer spoke to the woman who made an incredible catch at a minor league baseball game. Photo courtesy the Richmond Times-Dispatch. (Published Saturday, May 21, 2011)

    A Virginia woman who made an incredible catch has rightfully earned the title "Supermom."

    The picture says it all. Tiffany Goodwin caught a foul ball at a Richmond Flying Squirrels game last Sunday -- while had her 8-month-old baby on her hip and her 3-year-old daughter clinging to her leg.

    So what have you done lately?

    The photo from the Richmond Time Dispatch shows Goodwin virtually snatching the ball away from other would-be catches. In fact, her husband was among them. He even "called" it... but instead, the catch became Tiffany Goodwin’s second catch at a baseball game -- in one week.

    Her husband joked that he’s taking flack at work for his wife’s success.

    Tiffany Goodwin told NBC Washington she always takes a glove with her to games to protect her children. Turns out she also takes that glove to ensure her continued awesomeness.