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Strippers Pine for Tiger Woods

A plane advertising a strip club had a message for Tiger Woods



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    A plane advertising a strip club with a message to Tiger Woods flies overhead during the opening round of the Farmers Insurance Open golf tournament at Torrey Pines Golf Course Thursday Jan. 28, 2010 in San Diego.

    Phil Mickelson isn’t the only one who wants Tiger Woods back in Torrey Pines.

    In a clever marketing move at Tiger Woods’ expense, an airplane flew over the Farmers Insurance Open Thursday with a banner that read “WE MISS YOU TIGER! DEJA VU SHOWGIRLS.”

    Joanne Arellano also saw the banner flying high near her work at the Salk Institute.

    “It was hilarious! “Arellano said. “Everybody was laughing about it at the retirement party we had at work this afternoon. It was definitely the topic of conversation.”

    The talk on tour also continues to revolve around Tiger Woods, from the shocking revelations of his infidelity to the mystery of his whereabouts to speculation on when he might return.

    Now that Mickelson is back inside the ropes, some people hope he can help fill the void created by Woods' indefinite break -- but Mickelson would rather see Tiger back.

    "The game of golf needs him to come back," Mickelson said. "It's important for him to come back and be a part of the sport. But right now, he's got a lot more important things going on in his life.”