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Steelers Win! VIRTUALLY!



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    The Pittsburgh Steelers arrived at DFW Airport and made their way to the team hotel the Omni Hotel in Fort Worth.

    One of the most enjoyable portions of Super Bowl week is when video game engineers simulate the upcoming game 547 times and tell you, the viewer, who’s going to win. So if you hate spoiler alerts, click away NOW, because I’m about to tell you who will prevail between the Packers and Steelers on Sunday. Avert your gaze!

    /looks at headline

    Oh, right. I already noted in the headline that they picked Pittsburgh to win. My bad. Anyway, my colleagues at Kotaku noted that Madden has the game going the Steelers way:

    Madden NFL 11 predicts that the Pittsburgh Steelers will win their record seventh Vince Lombardi Trophy, defeating the Green Bay Packers 24-20 in Super Bowl XLV, according to the annual EA SPORTS Super Bowl Simulation powered by Madden NFL 11. Six out of the last seven Super Bowl champions have been accurately predicted by Madden NFL.

    That’s not all. The Steelers also prevailed in the simulation for NFL 2K5, a simulation that accurately predicted all three Jets playoff games. So all video game simulations point to a Pittsburgh victory, and yet that has had no bearing on the Vegas point spread, which has held firm with the Green Bay (-2.5) favored all week.

    I think we can deduce two things from this. ONE: Green Bay fans bet more than Steelers fans. TWO: Steelers fans do not bet as much because they’re too busy playing Madden and resetting the game any time the Packers take a 10-point lead or greater. I think both those conclusions are utterly IRONCLAD.

    Anyway, keep those simulations in mind when you’re placing bets with your Russian bookie. Computers never lie, except when they tell me there are hot girls waiting to meet me in MY area.