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StanSpeak: Nats President Sounds Off

Truth hidden behind Kasten's remarks



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    When Stan Kasten speaks, we're ready to translate.

    When Nats President Stan Kasten speaks, we stand ready with the StanSpeak Translator. Mr. Kasten has the unique ability to be completely honest to the letter of the word he speaks, yet to actually mean the exact opposite of the things he says.

    Running text through the StanSpeak Translator gets to the heart of the matter, letting readers see the hidden subtexts of the things he's thinking, and not just what he says.

    He recently spoke on "$ports Take" on Versus and DC Sports Bog helpfully provides us with the transcript.

    On the first two years of bad baseball in the new stadium:

    We know that the record on the field is deplorable. And every night that you lose, no matter how many years I've been doing this, I still can't sleep after a loss. I've had 80 hours sleep in the last two years. So that's hard. But it's easier for me in some respects because thankfully I don't have to focus just on the bottom of the standings or just on the lopsided score, like fans do. I can focus on how much profit we're bringing in and it warms my heart.  They don't have to pay attention to the other things. It's not, you know, their job. And when it comes to 'Natinals', Dominican prospect and our front office turmoil, we're sometimes glad when they don't.

    It's our job to focus on the big picture and how much money we rake in. That's made it easier for me, though, because our big financial picture is so good, and we are moving in the right track, according to my accountants and the plan (to pocket money on the major league level with a slight increase in minor league spending) we put in place and enunciated very clearly , repeatedly and condescendingly on our first day in the job. It's similar but not at all like, not just to what happened in Atlanta, but what has happened in nameless city after mysterious city after unidentified city that has had some sort of vague success. But not just success, sustained and profitable success, which is what we're after.

    On whether the Nats are big or small market:

    I always talk about big revenue, small revenue, because those are more connected to profit and you can be a big market like Miami but still be small revenue. I think right now we are a big market which our continuous suckitude has turned into a market with medium revenue. I think when we do our job on the field, we're gonna be a big big market with big revenue and Ted Lerner and I will be even richer than we are now.Three bigs in our bank account, Two bigs in the market, only one big in revenue, because we're never gonna be L.A. or New York, but we don't have to be to have our balance sheet win consistently.