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Snyder Scouts for Skins Future QB

He can own, he can market, he can scout. What can't Snyder do?



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    Dan Snyder fancies himself a scout, apparently. As if we didn't know that the owner of the Skins has his hands so far down the cookie jar that it's stuck on his shoulders, now comes word that he, along with sidekick Vinny Cerrato, have been scouting for the QB of the future.

    Danny and Vinny -- there's a buddy roadtrip movie in there somewhere -- went to a University of Texas game recently, to check out Colt McCoy, reports Redskins Insider.  Meanwhile, Vinny went solo to Notre Dame to see Jimmy Clausen lead his Irish team to another loss.

    Clausen recently declared for the draft, and McCoy is a senior. As Redskins Insider says, there are plenty of people at Redskins Park who think that the Skins will take a QB with their first-round pick, likely a top three selection.

    What's that mean for Jason Campbell? See ya, buddy. He's a restricted free agent in the offseason, and unless they tender him a contract of roughly $3 million, he's free to go where he wants.  If another team offers him a deal, the Skins have the right to match.  But it's possible that if some team decides to pay him as a starting QB, the Skins would just walk away.

    Vinny and Co. have been trying to dump him for a while now.  Last offseason was full of stories about who the next QB would be as the team furiously searched for JC's replacement.  The names most prominent?  Jay Cutler and Mark Sanchez.  Yeah, those guys would've done so much better.  (Note: sarcasm)

    So while the decision as to whether JC really is the QB of the future -- ironic, somewhat, in that he's starting to play very well behind the banged-up offensive line -- is a valid question, it's not clear that Snyder and Vinny are the kinds of guys who have the evaluation skills to make the right decision.

    But as long as Dan Snyder gets to ride around and pretend that he's a football-knowing bigshot, he's happy.  That's what matters in the end, right?