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Skins Turn Back to Campbell

Sadly, it's the right decision



    The Power of a Positive Attitude
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    Get back on your feet, Jason!

    Jason Campbell's many haters got their wish during Sunday's game when Jim Zorn benched JC after a terrible first half.  But by the end of the game, even JC's biggest detractors have to admit: he's the best we've got.

    So it's a bit of a surprise, perhaps, that it's taking Jim Zorn so long to decide whether to stick with JC as his starter, or to hand the reigns over to the ancient and immobile Todd Collins.  Campbell might not be great, but Collins most assuredly isn't either.  JC's had his rough stretches, but he's also had long stretches where he's moved the ball up the field effectively (even if it hasn't produced touchdowns).

    While the team has yet to announce it, ESPN's Chris Mortensen is claiming that the Skins are going to stick with Campbell.  What's perhaps more interesting is that claims that Mort said that the decision was basically made by new play-caller Sherman Lewis, not Jim Zorn.

    From Bingo caller to player personnel man in just a matter of weeks?  That's a meteoric rise.  At this pace, we'll all be answering to Galactic Emperor Lewis by the middle of next month.

    Whether Lewis is the right man to make that decision or not, it is the right decision.  With the sorry state of the offensive line, the Skins need someone who can move around a little bit in the pocket, and run when needed.  Collins can't do that, and he'd get eaten alive by shoddy pass protection, especially against the Eagles who've traditionally been a blitz-heavy team.

    Campbell, at least, has the ability to tuck the ball and run a little bit, when he's not throwing incompletions or 2-yard wide-receiver screens.

    So, for now, wish JC all the best in his new job: his old job.