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'Skins Slip to Saints in OT

Is there a higher power at work here?



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    Reggie Bush #25 of the New Orleans Saints tries to run the ball against the Washington Redskins at FedExField Sunday.

    Just when it seemed like Washington had it, the New Orleans Saints stole the ball out from under the Redskins and won the game 33-30.

    It was sooo close too. The Saints were trailing the 'Skins by seven points late in regulation when Washington's Shaun Suisham was wide right with a gimmie 23-yarder that would have sealed the victory for the Redskins (3-9).

    Drew Brees led an 80-yard drive with no timeouts, taking just 33 seconds to tie the game. He hit a wide-open Robert Meachem over the middle for a 53-yard touchdown with 1:19 to play.

    And it wasn't a totally clean touchdown either. The throw was intercepted by the Skins' Kareem Moore, who had the ball "ripped out of his hands by Meachem" -- only to have the play being upheld as it was called on the field, NFL Fanhouse reported.

    Then, just 6:29 into overtime, Garrett Hartley kicked an 18-yard field goal and the Saints clinched their perfect record for the season (12-0), leaving the 'Skins to nurse their wounds one more time.

    It almost makes us wonder: is there a higher power at work here?

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