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Skins Seal Super Bowl Fate

Opponent is only question



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    The Redskins fourth Lombardi Trophy

    Well, Danny Snyder has done it again folks. The little man with the big purse has put "the" Washington Redskins in the Super Bowl.

    In fact, since the O-ten Super Bowl will be in Miami, and the following one in the hated domain of the star logo, go ahead and mark the Skins down for the next two.

    While many Skins supporters love/hate the latest move of re-upping Snyder's money spending fix, none can deny that the presence of a cleat stomping Cowboy hater would be an appropriate chaperone of the Lombardi Trophy. The scuttlebutt also indicates that D'Angelo Hall plans to dedicate his forthcoming Super Bowl MVP award to Michael Vick.

    Now, there are concerns over the Skins receiving core, but local polls show that fans fully support VP of Ops Vinny Cerrato's hope that Michael Crabtree's injury will cause him to slip in the NFL draft where Washington can nab him with the lucky 13th pick.

    Others are not so sure that Jason Campbell can lead the team to a title. But now that the defense is solidified, the streets have labeled Campbell as the next Trent Dilfer.

    Because of the economy and struggling business ventures such as Six Flags, Snyder has halted a shopping spree for lifts and instead intends on cradling in the arms of Albert Haynesworth at the press conference unveiling the Super Bowl XLIV ring design.

    Yes, with the future Super Bowl appearance coming on the heels of yet another off-season championship, it's "Laissez les bon temps roulez" in the city designed by a Frenchman.