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Skins Fans Need a Brand New Bag

Paper bags are out, but what should replace?



    Skins Fans Need a Brand New Bag
    Josh Keppel
    Paper bags are so 1981.

    Things are looking bad in Skinsland.  We're 2-3 in the easy part of our schedule and the Skins still have games against the Giants, Philly, Denver, New Orleans and San Diego. Gulp.

    The team is an overpriced embarrassment with terrible management and with decade of extended mediocrity.  It's tough being a Skins fan.

    Now that we know that the Skins don't want you bringing bags to the game, what's an embarrassed Skins fan to do?

    Besides, the bag thing is totally overdone. The bag thing is completely New Orleans, and copying it is kind of lame. They were the "Aints" after all.  And the best we can come up with is "Deadskins" and "Fail to the Redskins," neither of which are going to win creativity awards.

    So between the Stadium's anti-bag policy and the lack of originality, it's clear that Skins fans need something else to show off the death of their pride.

    But what?

    Do you dress up like Ted DiBiase, the Million Dollar Man? With the right costume you could run around, throwing fake money everywhere, purchasing things you don't really need because they're shiny and new. (And besides, because they're expensive that means they're good, right?)

    Do you rent a burgundy and gold tux, standing silently even as the 1980s-era stadium graphics urge you to get loud?

    So what display of dissent can Skins fans make their own?  Post your ideas in comments.