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Shanahan, Not Snyder, Suspended Haynesworth



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    The Redskins are preparing for their next game, a home tilt against the Tampa Bay Bucaneers on Sunday.

    But the attention has stayed on the suspension of Albert Haynesworth, and one of the most surprising parts of his suspension was who wasn't involved in the decision.

    Head coach Mike Shanahan said owner Dan Snyder did not have a role in the decision to end the defensive tackle's season early.

    Snyder spoke to reporters Thursday and said that while it is a sad story, he and the team are focused on the Buccaneers.

    "I wish it worked out better, I wish he would have played better, I wish the whole team would have played better," Snyder said. "But right now we're just trying to win the next game.  You're always hoping for the best.  Your heart is in the right place, ours still are, so at this point we're just playing the next game against the Bucs."

    Neither Snyder nor Shanahan have commented on the rumor that the Redskins will try and recoup part of Haynesworth's $21 million bonus he received back in April.