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Shanahan Could Be Next Coach: Report

Former Denver coach reportedly in talks to join Skins



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    He's tanned, rested, and ready.

    Don't go purchasing your Chucky dolls yet.  The Gruden Express to D.C. might have hit an overly tan and rested speed bump: Mike Shanahan.

    The former Broncos coach is in talks to become the Skins next coach, reports the Denver Post.

    The paper notes that new GM Bruce Allen and Shanny have a close relationship, dating back to when they both worked for the Raiders.  So they know what it's like to work for meddling bosses.

    Allegedly, when Shanahan was kicking the tires on the Buffalo Bills job earlier this year, the coach was talking about a package deal with him and Allen.  If that's the case, then that certainly lends credence to today's Shanahan rumor.

    Rumors of Shanahan's immediate hiring flew around earlier this season, during the heights of ZornWatch.  One report claimed that he was actually offered the job, but turned it down because he didn't believe that he could fix things mid-season.

    Shanny would be an interesting choice.  An offense-first coach, he (along with Alex Gibbs) helped create a devastating running game behind a rotating series of running backs, thanks to some devastating line play.  No matter who they plugged back there, the Broncos got yardage.

    The knock against him was his inattention to defense.  His most successful draft picks came on the other side of the ball.  In the short-term, he wouldn't have to worry about that.  With Haynesworth and Fletcher, there's the beginnings of a strong defense; all they need is some help in the secondary.

    Meanwhile, we might not be completely done with Vinny, says  The site claims to have a league source who says that Vinny will remain with the team as a consultant.

    Why?  Speculates (read: pulls out of its butt) the site:

    "Frankly, however, we're not sure how much consulting Vinny will be doing.  The suspicion is that Cerrato will remain on the payroll in order to ensure that he doesn't blab about company secrets, including for example the truth regarding the recruitment of Albert Haynesworth (whatever that truth might be), the facts regarding any communications with and involvement of Mike Shanahan in recent moves made by the team (whatever those facts might be), and the details regarding other potentially sensitive issues (whatever those details might be)."

    It's certainly been a dizzying 24 hours at Redskins Park.