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McNabb Finds Controversy “Hilarious”

McNabb ready for saga to be over



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    When Redskins fans heard head coach Mike Shanahan say that backup quarterback Rex Grossman could run the two-minute offense better than starter Donovan McNabb, they thought he was joking.

    So did McNabb, apparently.

    During his weekly appearance on ESPN 980, McNabb said the idea that he doesn’t know the offensive playbook or has difficulty calling plays is ridiculous.

    “That is hilarious to me. That is really funny to me,” McNabb said during the interview. “For everyone who may not have heard this, it’s probably a shock.”

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    Most of the interview centered on the fallout from his benching and shifting explanations from Shanahan.  After initially saying that Grossman had a better grip on the two-minute offense, Shanahan later said a sore hamstring kept McNabb from practicing the hurry-up offense. And then there was concern McNabb didn’t have the “cardiovascular endurance” to run it.

    McNabb said he’s cleared the air with Shanahan and offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan and is looking forward to putting it all behind him.

    “I’m satisfied. You get what you ask for, and after that you put it behind you and move on,” McNabb said. “It’s over to me, and I just look to move on.”

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    McNabb is expected to be the Skins starter when they take on his old team, the Philadelphia Eagles, Monday night.

    And that, Skins fans, is no laughing matter.