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Rogers Fails to Intercept Criticism Over Drops

...and probably dropped two more just talking about it



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    In the long historical document detaling Carlos Rogers's dropped interceptions, Sunday's should come with glorious full-color illustrations.

    The first, two minutes into the game, was particularly egregious as it hit Rogers right in the hands and he needed only to hold onto it while falling. The second, six minutes later, was a tougher catch to make but only served to punctuate the swears still hanging in the air.

    Naturally, Rogers was grilled about his inability to catch today, and naturally, he tried to intercept the criticism.

    "I sit and think about it: 'Man, I should have had them picks,'" he said. "Should have had four or five, pretty much probably leading the league or at the top ... But my main thing is: I'd rather cover my man, cover the top receiver, lock him down, not let him catch the ball."

    He said that even in a game in which he did catch an interception, if he failed to cover properly, "that's not going to sit well with me."

    It's just about like watching Rogers drop one all over again, but this time, with words.

    Sure, everyone would like for Rogers to cover well, and there's no doubt he's doing much better at that this year than last. But as SBN's Mike Pradapoints out in pixels, the margin of error in Sunday's contest -- at most -- was thisclose. Aaron Francisco's one-handed grab was one difference in a game decided by just three points, but both of Rogers's drops played an even bigger part.

    Rogers told reporters he planned to ask Mike Shanahan for advice at practice. Here's guessing he gets duct-taped to an upright for eight hours while a Jugs machine is cranked to 11 and pointed in his direction.