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Riggins Tells Skins Fans to Stay Home

Hall of Famer sounds off on new radio show



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    NEW YORK - MARCH 8: Former pro football player John Riggins attends the "Hostage" film premiere at the Ziegfeld Theatre March 8, 2005 in New York City. (Photo by Evan Agostini/Getty Images)

    WASHINGTON -- Don't boo. Don't wear a bag over your head. Just don't go.

    That was Hall of Famer and former Washington Redskins star running back John Riggins' advice to Skins fans on his new WTOP radio show Tuesday. Don't let Dan Snyder know you care.

    "I think the best way to send your signal is the opposite of that, because all you're displaying is your passion and how much you love this franchise," Riggins said on "Ask Riggo" Tuesday. "As much as it hurts, stay home. Don't go. That would probably send a very loud message."

    Sadly, too many people have invested too much money in rising ticket prices that the team will sue them over if they can't find the money to keep paying -- recession or not -- for deafening silence to actually ring loudly in Snyder's ears. Not that he's shown any capacity for putting a winning team together in the decade-plus that he's owned it, anyway.

    Riggins, who used to work for Snyder's Red Zebra radio show, joined the legions who place the blame for the team's ineptitude squarely on the shoulders of Snyder and Vice President of Football Operations Vinny Cerrato.

    Riggins' plan to get a winner on the field? Sell the team to someone with a clue or give a proven, Bill Parcells-type football overlord control. But would Danny Boy be willing to share his toy?