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Redskin's Twitter Fight

Much ado about tweeting



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    Chase Daniel has his dukes up ... and ready to tweet.

    New Redskins QB Chase Daniel has twittered about his NFL dreams coming true, an egg white diet, wearing a Skins hat in Cowboy country, and landing in D.C. en route to Redskins Park. He even made friends before arriving in the DMV area, getting into a draft-day Twitter spat with local WJFK radio personality, Chad Dukes.

    Now what went down between the two CDs didn't involve abrasive insults, mama jokes, or even come close to the dozens. The innocent tiff started with a misunderstanding and ended with Chase Daniel singing 'Hail to the Redskins', with, of course, Dukes unapologetically pandering for ratings and an appearance by Daniel on the Big O & Dukes Show.

    Haven't a clue about Twitter? Don't worry, you can read the exchange between the two below, which pretty much amounts to the gasoline fight scene from Zoolander, except without gasoline. Just remember kids, if you want to talk about something like an adult, you evidently do it behind the microphone, and not within the 140 character constraints of Twitter.

    Chase Daniel

    Chad Dukes

    • @ChaseDaniel even though u said you would rather be a FA than be drafted by them? Can't wait to talk about that on the air on monday.
    • FTR, this is @chasedaniel tweet about the Skins before he deletes it: "Hearing redskins possibly! Who knows! Free agent might be better!!"


    • @chaddukes I signed a free agent contract with please get the story right before you spread stuff that just isn't true
    • @chaddukes I said free agent might be better was meant as a compliment to the skins...I had a FA deal with them in place before draft ended




    • @ChaseDaniel dude. u said what u said and thats all I responded to. own what you said. I'm giving you the forum to debate it. up to you.



    • @ChaseDaniel I wont spam up yer twitter with such a post like you just left. Come on the show if you want to talk about this like adults.
    • For the Record I have nothing against @chasedaniel and he now seems to be excited about being a Redskin. Think before you tweet everybody.