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Redskins: Keeping Hope Alive

Last week's bye was a good chance to regroup, Zorn said



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    Head coach Jim Zorn of the Washington Redskins and quarterback Jason Campbell #17.

    If the Washington Redskins can't get their act together this afternoon, the blast machine is (more than) likely to go into overtime.

    The team had a break last weekend, when they had their bye, and Coach Jim Zorn said it came at just the right time, giving the 'Skins a chance to regroup from their dismal start.

    "It was good for a lot of the players and even the coaches just to get a breather, regroup, study schemes and tendencies,'' he said. "The whole being 2-5 and being able to soul-search a little bit. Our players have done a wonderful job of practicing with enthusiasm. It shows the character of our football team. We don't want to lose, and our guys are fighting hard to get that next win.''

    They're not the only ones who want to end their losing streak.

    The Atlanta Falcons, the 'Skins' opponents Sunday, have lost consecutive games. Certainly, there's no need for the team to panic -- Atlanta lost a pair of road games to Dallas (5-2) and unbeaten New Orleans -- but this franchise's mostly grim 43-year history raises doubts any time there's the least bit of adversity.

    "You don't ever want to have losing streaks,'' receiver Roddy White said. "It can head south real fast.''

    Maybe someone should've told that to the 'Skins.

    The Falcons are eager to break free of their mostly inglorious past, show they can be a team that consistently puts up winning records and contends for the playoffs.

    Some are saying that's why it's good the Falcons (4-3) have an opponent that would seem custom-made for getting back on the winning track: Team Dysfunction, a.k.a. the Redskins.

    Washington (2-5) has already changed up the guy calling offensive plays -- head coach Jim Zorn was stripped of the duties, even though management gave him the dreaded vote of confidence for the rest of the season -- and the Redskins look like they're headed for another year of big salaries and low return, a familiar theme during the ownership of Dan Snyder.

    But don't give up hope just yet.

    "Our season is not over,'' running back Clinton Portis insisted. "The same way we got into this mess, we can get ourselves out of this mess.''