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Nyjer's Gaffe Shown 'Round the World

Morgan acts like a little leaguer



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    DENVER - JULY 06: Center fielder Nyjer Morgan #1 of the Washington Nationals tracks down a fly ball against the Colorado Rockies during MLB action at Coors Field on July 6, 2009 in Denver, Colorado. The Rockies defeated the Nationals 1-0. (Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images)

    Really, Nyjer Morgan?  

    OK, so you didn’t catch a ball that clearly was in the field of play (and clearly in, but quickly out of, your glove). We'll give you an A for effort on the attempted catch. 

    But really? You thought the ball went over the wall? We could understand if the ball hit you in the head after it came out your glove, ‘cause you certainly weren’t thinking when you decided to throw an absolute hissy fit like a tee-baller.

    And really?  Did we see Adam Jones cross home plate with an inside-the-park home run because you were on a personal tirade? Man, this just didn’t work out well for you, did it Nyjer?

    Sorry for the rant, but if you don’t know what we're talking about, watch the video.

    The Nationals' outfielder tried to make a valiant catch by leaping up against the centerfield wall Saturday night, but when the ball glanced off his glove, Morgan thought the ball then went over the fence for a home run. 

    When Morgan returned to earth, he lumberjacked his glove into the warning track dirt in disgust and started spewing something that probably can't be said on TV.

    The only problem: the ball never left the yard.  It dropped to the ground behind him.  While Morgan ranted, Josh Willingham sprinted.  He picked up the ball and heaved it toward the cut-off man.  The relay throw, however, didn't get to home in time, giving Jones a rare inside-the-park homer.

    The move left everyone watching at Nats Park, and those watching on TV, thinking one thing:  "What on Earth were you thinking?"

    According to Morgan, this was simply emotion -- way too much of it.

    “My emotions got to me there because I knew I should have had the ball,” Morgan told the Washington Post. “It's just one of those things where I let my emotions get to me out there, which I normally never do. It's just one of those plays where I thought the ball went over the fence.”

    There has some talk about it being unsportsmanlike. We're not so sure about that. Unsportsmanlike is when you throw half of a splintered bat at a base runner on his way to first base.

    No matter how mad you are at yourself, it should not cost your team. And it certainly doesn’t mean you have a right to stop playing the game and break down in a tantrum.

    Well Nyjer, you got lucky last night. Your team came through for you. Adam Dunn eventually hit a two-run single that sealed the win for the Nats.  Otherwise, things could have been a lot uglier in the clubhouse after the game.

    Your team says you’re a club-first kind of guy. Hopefully next time that will show through.