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Ravens Logo on Trial Again

Redskins aren't the only team with logo troubles



    Ravens Logo on Trial Again
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    OK, his uni looks like it's free of any offending logos. (Besides the ugly purple color)

    The Redskins aren't the only local team that's being sued over their logo.  The Bawlmer Ravens are being taken to court (once again) over their original Winged B logo, reports The Sun.

    A Maryland artist had previously won a lawsuit that found that he was probably the likely creator of the Ravens' original logo.  While the jury found that the Ravens ripped him off, they didn't award any damages.  And the Ravens adopted a new logo the following season.

    But he's back.  This time, for more cash.

    He wants the courts to side with him to prevent the Ravens from marketing and selling any materials with the old logo he designed.  This means no autographed pictures of Vinny Testaverde from the glory days on 33rd Street.

    It also means that he wants the Ravens to stop selling old game films and videos where the team plays with his logo.

    Today's hearing before the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals follows a previous ruling in this case at the District Court level.  That ruling found that the Ravens' use of the logo is incidental and fell under fair use guidelines.

    The paper notes that the judges today appeared mixed.  One seemed to side with the Ravens, explaining that the artist was "asking [us] to blot out three years of history."  Another judge asked the Ravens' lawyer, "You have a history of infringement that you are marketing and making money off of, right?"

    A ruling on the case is expected in a few weeks, hon.