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Randy Moss Isn’t Making Any Sense



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    Patriots wideout Randy Moss is in the final year of his contract, and he’s already made noise during the preseason that the team hasn’t done much to make him feel wanted. All that frustration came to a head yesterday when Moss took the podium after the Patriots resounding win over the Bengals (a game in which Moss didn’t score a touchdown) and began openly ranting, telling reporters this was probably his last year in New England.

    You can read the transcript right here, but I’ll pull a few choice quotes for you:

    I think there is, I don't really want to say here in the organization, but I think around here in the New England area, a lot of people don't want to see me do good…

    I just think from a business standpoint, this probably will be my last year here as a Patriot. And I'm not retiring. I'm still going to play some football. I just want to get that off my chest and let you all understand that this is a business…

    I don't really feel that I'm very liked. And I'm not saying from you all. I don't really give a damn if you like me to be honest with you…

    I just told you all about you working for somebody and you having a boss, you would like to feel appreciated. I'm not saying that I'm not appreciated here. But I would like to feel that sometimes.

    There will be plenty of people who latch onto this rant and call Randy Moss a selfish jerk for speaking out like this after the Pats won (he’s already gotten the inevitable and tiresome Manny Ramirez comparisons).

    However, I’ve taken a closer look at this transcript, and I can tell you, with full confidence, that Randy has no earthly idea what he’s talking about. None. Nothing he says here makes a lick of sense. I’m not even sure what his point is. It’s like reading an interview with Andrew WK.

    Ever try and make a point to someone, only to find yourself not making sense, and digging a bigger and bigger hole the longer you talk? That’s Moss yesterday. I think he wanted to get some things off his chest, but lacked the ability to clearly say what those things are. He’s almost certainly annoyed that Tom Brady got paid his millions yesterday and he hasn’t been taken care of yet. But that’s about all you can divine from this spiel.

    Randy Moss has always been a weird dude, and I mean that in a good way. He’s always been a player who knows he’s doing a job, and cares little about the precious SPORTS! trappings so many fans and media people swaddle themselves in. He treats the game at times with a coldness and distance that angers many fans who think football players should be all fiery and passionate and as nutty over the game as they are.

    I don’t think Moss is being selfish by standing at a podium and blowing off steam to the press. I think he’s simply an odd duck who does what he pleases without worrying much about public reaction. I think he just started talking without realizing he had nothing ultimately useful to say. I think the Pats know this, and will happily ignore it ever happening. And, in the end, I don’t think it’ll make any difference in whether or not he finishes his career in New England.