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Haynesworth's Kryptonite Revealed!

Run him 'round 'til he's tired



    Haynesworth's Kryptonite Revealed!
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    Haynesworth checks out his sharpened spikes in advance of the Rams game.

    Until now, there have only been two answers to the question, "How do you stop Albert Haynesworth?"

    One involves taking him to traffic court. The second involves having him stomp his cleat into your face.

    But the St. Louis Rams think they've figured out a third: run him around 'til he's tired, the same way you do with your energetic puppy.

    The Rams center Jason Brown has the plan, as relayed from a ESPN radio segment by Redskins Insider:

    "I'm so glad we're playing Washington early in the year because it's going to be hot out there, we're going to be running hurry-up offense and he's going to get fatigued. And I'm not sure if you have watched film before, but when he gets fatigued, he taps out. He just falls down to the ground, and you're like, 'Oh my gosh, is he hurt? Is something wrong with him?' No, he's just giving the guy on the sidelines enough time to mosey on out there so he can get up, go to the sidelines, catch a breather, get something to drink and then he comes right back out.

    "And then people are like, 'I thought he was hurt.' No, he got tired. But you know what, that's exactly what we're going to have to do when we play Washington. We're going to have to play hurry-up offense and make them tired."

    The Skins will never see that coming!   Oh, wait...

    Albert might be a big boy, but he's not sloppy; he's no Fat Albert. He claims to have the highest amount of lean-muscle mass on the team. This isn't 450-pound Gilbert Brown sucking in whole canisters of oxygen in the second half of a Super Bowl.

    How concerned are the Skins? In two words: not much. Coach Jim Zorn, when told of Brown's comments said, "That's awesome. What a great strategy," with his typical dry/deadpan delivery.

    With the depth the Redskins have on the defensive line, if he takes the occasional play to rest up so he's full speed on more plays, it might not be a bad thing.

    Meanwhile, the Rams get to face a fired-up Haynesworth and a coaching staff who's fully aware of one of the potential strategies the team might use.

    Heck of a job there, Brownie.