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Prayers Answered? Tim Tebow Coming To D.C.

Outspoken QB attending religious event



    Prayers Answered?  Tim Tebow Coming To D.C.
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    A pro-life group has bought air time during the Super Bowl for a commercial featuring Tim Tebow.

    Tim Tebow is known for two things -- his football skills and his faith. At least one of those is bringing him to Washington this week.

    The future NFL player’s agent told POLITICO that he will attend the National Prayer Breakfast Thursday. President Barack Obama is also expected to be in attendance at the annual event.
    During his time in college, Tebow was outspoken about his faith. He recently made news for agreeing to appear in a pro-life ad that will run during the Super Bowl.
    Tebow just finished his senior year at the University of Florida. His on-field accomplishments are impressive. Tebow won the Heisman Trophy in 2007, and was a finalist for the award this past year. He also helped lead the Gators to two national titles.
    Could Tebow find a permanent home in Washington? The Redskins are rumored to be in the market for a quarterback. Taking Tebow with the fourth overall pick is a reach, but the Redskins are known for trading away draft picks.  Could they trade down to grab the big-name QB?
    So is targeting Tebow a possibility? Fans may not agree with his beliefs, but there’s no arguing that he’s a handful on the football field.  Maybe he'll find D.C. to his liking this week during his visit with the president...