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Pray for Ovie

Ted Leonsis gets a special blessing



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    Can you say one for the Redskins and Nats, too?

    Caps Owner Ted Leonsis isn't taking any chances with Alex Ovechkin. He's relying on a higher power to help Ovie get through his injury.

    Yesterday's game was the first the Caps played without Ovie.  And, well, there's a reason he's won the Hart Trophy as the league's MVP in the last two years.  The 3-2 loss to the Jersey Devils is the Caps' third loss in a row and sends them skidding into a home-and-home with the Florida Panthers.

    What's a hockey-loving owner to do, but pray?  And the good news is that when you're a bazillionaire, you've got some powerful friends. 

    Ted was at an event at Vice President Joe Biden's house last night and had the leader of the Orthodox Church, Bartholomew I,  say a little prayer for Ovie's wounded wing.

    "Lynn and I were honored to be able to spend quality time with VP Biden; his wife — Dr Biden; and the Biden family; I also was 'blessed' personally by Bartholomew and I mentioned Alex Ovechkin to him; and there was a special prayer offered in his name as well!"

    If there's one thing that could soothe over tensions from the Great Schism -- at least in D.C. -- its being united by wishes for Ovie to come back soon!

    Ted also has some discouraging news: the VP is a Flyers fan.  Booo!  Said Ted, "I was tempted to start the DC based chant about the Flyers — but bit my tongue.  Not the right venue at all:-)."

    We hope he had Bartholomew I cleanse him of those impure thoughts.