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Post Sacks "Tank" Over Cheney-Vick Strip

Paper deems comic strip storyline inappropriate



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    "Kill him," get it?

    WASHINGTON -- The Washington Post's crackdown on content deemed inappropriate targeted the "Tank McNamara" comic strip this week.

    Last week, the paper killed "Mouthpiece Theater," a satirical online video series given a trial run beginning in June after a July 31 joke about Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton enraged women and Democrats everywhere.

    This week's "McNamara" storyline -- in which NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell asks former Vice President Dick Cheney's advice on handling ex-dogfighting kingpin -- and Atlanta Falcons quarterback -- Michael Vick's reinstatement will be replaced by a rerun, both in print and online.

    Could The Post be spinning a reluctance to run failed attempts at humor into a moral high ground?

    In the strip that didn't run today , Cheney interrupts Goodell's plea for advice with a curt "Kill him." Goodell repeats the ex-veep with a question mark and Cheney clarifies, "Well, not you personally." That's it.

    Post Managing Editor Raju Narisetti called the decision a no-brainer, saying this week's strips were deemed inappropriate.

    Well, we can take a joke, we just didn't see a decent one. The sad thing is, now we're glued to a comic strip we haven't read in 15 years for the rest of the week.

    We'll keep an eye on the storyline to see if a decent punch line develops.