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Portis, Sellers Get Heated Over Blocking



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    Clinton Portis will NOT be modeling a sweaty jersey, though.

    As if there weren't enough discord at Redskins Park this week, what with Sherman Lewis' arrival for a job that so far has no defined purpose other than to suggest that Jim Zorn is on the way out as head coach, now the players apparently are engaged in bitter arguments over their performance.

    On Monday, fullback Mike Sellers allegedly confronted Clinton Portis after he heard that Portis had asked to have Sellers replaced in favor of tight end Todd Yoder as a blocker during last Sunday's game against the Buccaneers.

    Portis is blaming Sellers for missing a block on a critical fourth-and-goal run that failed two weeks ago against the Lions.

    There had been rumors that the confrotation had led to punches being thrown, but so far sources have told The Washington Post that, while the players had to be separated and restrained, there was no physical altercation.

    At least they weren't wearing paper bags though, 'cause then they'd have to be thrown out.