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Plaxico Looking to Work His Way Out of Jail



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    NY Dept. of Corrections
    Former New York Giants receiver Plaxico Burress is serving a two-year sentence for carrying an illiegal handgun in a Manhattan nightclub. The NFL star accidentally shot himself in the leg after storing the weapon in the elastic band of his sweatpants.

    Plaxico Burress is looking for a get-out-of-jail card.

    New York Correction Department spokeswoman Linda Foglia says a decision is expected next month on Burress' work furlough application.

    The New York Postsays that could free the former Giants' Super Bowl hero for face-to-face negotiations while looking for a new team. The NFL is lifting his suspension when his sentence is done. A furlough also could let him spend time with his family.

    Burress was at Manhattan nightclub Latin Quarter in November 2008, just nine months after winning the Championship, when a gun slipped out of his waistband and fired, wounding his thigh.

    His two-year sentence started in September; it could be 20 months with time off for good behavior.