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Pick Most Memorable DC Sports Moment of 2000s



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    There have been plenty of memorable sports moments in D.C. this decade.   From Joe Gibbs returning to the Redskins for one more run as head coach, to Major League Baseball returning to the District in the form of the Washington Nationals, to the team opening its new ballpark with a walk-off home run, the memories have been priceless.

    But which moment will you remember the most?  Our sports staff has narrowed the list to the top 10 moments of the past decade.  Now, it's your turn to decide which tops them all.

    Read the list carefully, because this might be harder to decide than you might think.  And once you've got your most memorable moment, vote for it.  We'll keep track of the votes and declare a top pick based on what you decide.

    Thanks for voting!