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Ovie, Backstrom, Semin: Best Ever?

If they are, they need a catchy nickname



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    Best ever? No, not yet.

    Is Ovie, Semin and Backstrom the best line combo ever?  Let's not get ahead of ourselves, even if it's a question that On Frozen Blog raises.

    So far, the line has been a dominant force with about a billion points.  Seemingly every goal scored by the line has the other two names on it with helpers as they skate quickly, passing precisely past helpless defenders.

    They work well together.  Ovie's the sniper who's not afraid to play physical, and his abilities to fire off quick shots off the pass -- as well as to make his own plays -- clearly make him the best in the league.

    Backstrom's emerged as a front-line center, with amazing play-making skills.  He's able to get the puck into tight spaces for his wingers with just enough finesse to rip his own goals, too.

    Semin's a perfect compliment.  His quick skating ability and quicker hands make him dangerous, especially when Ovie and Backstrom clear space for him.

    But the best ever?  Let's at least wait a season for that.

    Meanwhile, if they're going to be in the discussion, as OFB notes, they need a snazzy nickname.  When hockey fans hear the Legion of Doom, the Production Line or the French Connection, their mind instantly races to some awesome combos.

    So what would you call these guys?

    Japers' Rink suggests the SOB Line.  Passable, but not quite the ring we're going for.  The Rush'n Attack (with apologies to the old and terrible NES game)?

    The Semin... hmm...  That probably won't work.

    If they're going to be the best ever, that catchy nickname is something all Caps fans will have to work on.  Leave your suggestion in the comment area below...