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Politics Put Old LeBron Jerseys to Homeless "On Hold"

Guess beggars have to be choosers, when they aren't given a choice by those in charge



    Politics Put Old LeBron Jerseys to Homeless "On Hold"
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    Sources told US Weeklythat LeBron has rented six cabanas in South Beach in anticipation of celebrating his team decision.

    Third world children who've by now worn holes in their 2009 Jets AFC Champions gear must be circling like sharks: it appears the homeless in Miami won't be getting the donation of those old LeBron James jerseys they were promised.

    At least not until someone somewhere comes to their senses. See, back when the wound of rejection was still festering in the heart of Ohio, many of the good citizens of Cleveland burned their no. 23 Cavs jerseys in response. But local group of ad designers saw a great opportunity for good: not only did they design an "It's not us, it's you" t-shirt to benefit the City Mission of Cleveland, but they began a drive to collect old LeBron-wear to ship to the less fortunate down south.

    They filled boxes in restaurants all over Ohio, but it appears the 305 is too proud to beg. According to the Broward New Times, Miami doesn't want its homeless wearing any such un-glad rags: 

    "It's on hold right now," says Rita Clark of the Miami Coalition for the Homeless. "There's a lot of politics around this."

    The coalition had been in talks with the Cleveland do-gooders but ran into some resistance in South Florida. Apparently, a marketing plan based on the concept of Here -- take a bunch of stuff we hate! wasn't particularly appealing.

    Clark says she heard that Miami Mayor Tomás Regalado was opposed to the donation plan.

    "It seemed very well-intentioned, but it's not gonna happen right away," Clark says. "I'm trying to help them be better-received here in Miami."

    Guess beggars will have to be choosers, at least when they aren't given a voice by those in charge. The take a bunch of stuff we hate! concept sure worked when it was actually LeBron James himself, so its unclear why a version in poly-cotton blend is so horrifying.

    After all, it's not like Ohio's offering to ship that hideous pink shirt James wore during his announcement special. And it's just a touch of polyester. A smidgen! It helps retain shape!