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Federer Loses Open, Continues Tennis Tantrum Trend

Federer makes like Williams -- and loses Open for the first time in 5 years



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    Don't let the white-collar Wimbledon culture fool you -- tennis players can drop four-letter bombs, too.

    Roger Federer followed in colleague Serena Williams' tennis tantrum-throwing footsteps in Monday's U.S. Open final, swearing at a tennis official when a call didn't go his way during the match, which he ultimately lost to newcomer Juan Martin del Potro.

    "I wasn't allowed to challenge after 2 seconds. The guy takes, like, 10," the Associated Press reported Federer said.

    "Don't tell me to be quiet, OK?" Federer asked chair umpire Jake Garner after he was told to stop his rant. "When I want to talk, I talk. I don't give a [expletive] what he said."

    Federer was upset by del Potro, a 20-year-old Argentine who bested Federer in 5 long sets. Federer has won the championship 5 years in a row.

    Del Potro, only the second Argentine to win the U.S. Open, also snapped Federer's 40-match win streak at Flushing Meadows, where the Open was held. Had he won, Federer would've become only the second man to win the championship six straight times and to win three straight majors in one season.

    The phenomenal del Potro also upset No. 3 Rafael Nadal, Federer's arch-rival on the courts, in three straight sets.

    Federer, a 15-time major champion who just became the father of twins, is the latest tennis star to unleash a profane-laced tirade on U.S. Open officials. Top-ranked Serena Williams told a line judge this weekend she'd shove a ball down her throat after the judge called Williams on a foot-fault, a call the star disagreed with.

    Williams was fined just over $10,000 for her rant, which the judge called a threat on her life.

    Federer's rant started as he was two sets up on opponent Juan Martin del Potro, who Federer alleged was given too much time to contest a line call.

    As they did in the Williams matchup, on-camera microphones picked up Federer's exchange.