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McNabb: I'll Be "More Cheered Than Booed" in Philly

Those were Santa's last words, too



    McNabb: I'll Be "More Cheered Than Booed" in Philly
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    You've got to hand it to Donovan McNabb. The man is absolutely determined to not say a bad word about his relationship with Philly fans.

    "Honestly, I think that I would be cheered. More cheered than booed," McNabb told ESPN 980 on Tuesday, anticipating his first time back at the Linc as a Redskin this Sunday. "No matter what the situation is right now, that I'm with a different team and obviously it's kind of a rival, and it wasn't by my choice.

    "But the whole deal about it was 11 years. It was a successful 11 years. And you had a lot of great times, a lot of great moments, a lot of exciting plays. Obviously, some down times, but you have that in the NFL. But there's more exciting things that happened in 11 years."

    He's not all wrong. McNabb's take on his tenure in Philly is measured, factual, and dressed in perspective.

    He's also delusional: This is a fan base that booed McNabb on draft night and didn't stop in spite of six NFC championship game appearances. It wouldn't have been fair, sure, but he's lucky he was never beaned with batteries.

    And now that Philly doesn't have an immediate reason to miss him -- Michael Vick leads the NFC in passing, of all things -- it's certainly not going to be a salute to his decade of service he hears from the impossible-to-please Philly faithful.

    McNabb needs to retain goodwill in Philly, of course, because it's likely his time there will define his legacy. He hasn't signed an extension with the Redskins, and the Redskins have so far not given him much of a reason to do so.

    But McNabb also knows that Washington faces an uphill battle on Sunday -- in front of everyone but Arizona, pretty much -- and he's not about to fan the flames. The Redskins are one holding call from 0-3, and a loss would set them two games back from the division leader after just four weeks of play.

    Being booed in the place he spent a solid 11 years will be the least of McNabb's worries.