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Mattingly Blows Off Nats

He's got a better job anyway



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    Man, he won't even look us in the eye when he rejects us.

    Don Mattingly has told the Nats "Thanks, but no thanks."  He's pulled out of the running for the Nats managerial job, declining to even be interviewed for it. 

    Hmm... is that insulting or not?  On one hand, he's not even bothering to see what the Nats could offer him.  On the other hand, he's also in line to be the next Dodgers manager -- a job most anybody would want.

    There's no sense short-circuiting a potential managerial career with a few seasons of losses.  He wouldn't have Bowden to blame for his problems as Manny Acta did, either.

    For the Nats this means a likely return of the retread.  Jim Riggleman has to be the clubhouse favorite to bring his smallball-loving  approach back for another year or two.

    As the Times notes in what we hope is not a cocktail party supposition, the Nats ownership isn't willing to spend big money on a manager.  (Which is completely out of character for them.)  That means no Buck Showalter, no Bobby Valentine or nobody who wants to make more than a few hundred thousand a year.

    The only other name that's known to be a candidate is another retread, Bob Melvin.  Melvin led the Mariners from 93 wins to 99 losses in 03-04, and later guided the Diamondbacks to mediocrity for 4+ seasons before being fired.

    The Nats are expected to name their manager soon after the World Series is over.  Prepare yourself, 'cause it looks like the new boss is same as the old boss.  Thanks for nuttin', Donny Baseball.