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Looking Back at Portis

He's had a good run



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    If this is it, it was a great run.

    Yesterday's decision to place Clinton Portis on the IR list due to his concussion problems makes a lot of sense, considering the seriousness of his condition. 

    While it ends his season, CP's comments on the radio seemed to hint that he was considering that this could be the end of his career. He told 980, "If it's my time, I think I had a great career."

    While that's nothing certain, given his large contract and the possibility of a buyout, it could be the end of him in a Redskins uniform.

    And as disappointing as this season has been, he's had as many excellent ones before.  You can debate the merits of the trade that sent Champ Bailey and picks to Denver for him, but you can't question his contributions.  He carried (quite literally) the Skins to two playoff appearances and a modicum of respectability. 

    Portis' first carry set the tone, a 64-yard rush against Tampa in the season opener in 2004.  He didn't break many long TD runs, but he ran hard, and he ran consistently, surging the ball downfield.

    • November 2007, Redskins 23, Jets 20 (OT).  Portis carried the ball up and down the field, rushing for a Washington career-high 196 yards on 32 carries, leading the team to a comeback when they once trailed 17-3.
    • October 2007, Redskins 13, Chicago 10.  Portis got the ball a Washington career-high 36 times, rushing for 171 yards in a close grind-it-out win.   Further proof of how critical he was?  QB Mark Brunell threw for just 95 yards and they still won, even with the Skins defense getting just one turnover.
    • October 2005, Redskins 52, Niners 17.  The Redskins were on cruise control in a game they led 52-7 in the fourth quarter.  Portis only carried the ball 19 times but his 101 yards and his Redskins-high 3 touchdowns turned this into an early laugher.
    • October 2008, Redskins 14, Cleveland 11.  The Skins sure won them ugly with Portis, but a win's a win.  He carried the ball 27 times for 175 yards and an impressive 6.5 yards per carry.  While he couldn't hit the home run ball, he was excellent at getting enough 10-yard carries to keep the ball moving.

    Portis played in three playoff games with the Skins.  While he didn't excel in any of them, the Skins would not have been where they were without him. 

    If this is it for him -- whether just as a Skin or for his career -- he's had a great run.