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LeBron James Wins First Of Many MVPs

Kobe fans: You need to chillax



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    The man even has a signature pre-game ritual. That should get him MVP alone.

    LeBron James is going to be announced as the NBA’s MVP this week, in a decision that comes as a surprise to nobody — Kobe Bryant’s mother knew LeBron James was going to win this year. The announcement is coming later this week and is expected to be made at St. Vincent-St. Mary's High School in Akron, where he played high school ball and where the legend started.

    LeBron deserved it — while his points per game were very close to last year, his offensive game was more mature and efficient, with him scoring more from the free throw line and shooting better from beyond the three-point arc (up to 34.4%). More importantly, he made defense a priority this season and got his entire team to have that same mentality.

    Basically, he lifted Cleveland from good to championship-caliber status. He is the best player on the team with the best record. He got this one and he is going to get many more.

    This will not appease the hard-core Kobe Bryant fanatics out there, who are certain that LeBron winning is a slap in the face to the Lakers star, and part of a grand conspiracy involving David Stern, the Pope and Simon Cowell.

    Kobe fans: You need to chillax. Yes, you can make a case for Kobe to get a second MVP, a good one. The people on South Beach can make a good case for Dwyane Wade.

    But that is different than saying LeBron doesn’t deserve it. Face it, LeBron is very, very good. And getting better. He has the body of Karl Malone with the speed and slashing skills of Dr. J. He is a freak of nature. He may not have the rings yet, but you know how many rings Michael Jordan had after six years in the league? Zero. And he had a reputation as a player who couldn’t get his team over the hump that was the Detroit Pistons. That changed.

    You know titles will come to LeBron as well. We all just need to take a moment and appreciate LeBron for what he is — one of the best to ever play the game. He has lived up to the out-of-control hype since his freshman year of high school. He will again.

    And besides, the real showdown is coming next month, when the Kobe’s Lakers and LeBron’s Cavaliers will face off in the NBA Finals. That means a lot more than this award.

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