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Lake Braddock Bruins Pound Fairfax Rebels

Fairfax had a very good season



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    Fairfax was trying to win its first playoff game in a decade. Lake Braddock, though, had other ideas.

    Fairfax had a very good season,  but it was a game decided by turnovers Friday night as the Bruins beat the Rebels 19-14.

    Early on, the Fairfax Rebels taking the lead with a pass from Jack Bechert to Yaw Asante, pushed the score in their favor, 7-3. 

    Braddock came back with a pass from Michael Nebrich to Brandon Johnson for a 22-yard touchdown, bringing the Bruins up 9-7.

    Then, in the fourth quarter, Fairfax's Jack Bechert decided to keep it to himself, plowed through some tackles and made it all the way to the end zone, putting the Rebels just two points behind Braddock.

    Then, with two minutes to go and five down from the Bruins, Fairfax's Anton Burns fumbled, effectively ending the game and sending the Bruins on their way.