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Karma for Fauxrenas?

Gilbert Arenas really injured this time



    Karma for Fauxrenas?
    Gilbert Arenas at media day 2010.

    Gilbert Arenas’s return to the Verizon Center was decidedly underwhelming. It seems Arenas has truly gone from Washington’s Agent Zero to Agent Ouch.

    On Thursday night, Arenas played less than three minutes in his first home game in over nine months. The dismal showing comes only two nights after Arenas admitted to faking an injury so he didn't have to play (or to give Nick Young the start, whichever story you want to believe).

    The newly appointed No. 9 did not start in the game against the Milwaukee Bucks. However, when he was playing, he made the most of his talent. While he didn’t attempt a shot, he had three steals, a rebound, an assist and a blocked shot. He teamed with the Wizards’ highly acclaimed new member, John Wall, for some impressive plays.

    “He was good while he was in there,” coach Flip Saunders said after the game.

    Arenas didn’t stick around the locker room long enough to talk to the media and Saunders also seemed to have little to say.

    “He’s been with us,” he said. “Whatever we’ve asked him to do, he’s basically done.”

    Saunders also declined to comment on the incident Tuesday, when Arenas faked a left knee injury.

    He did, however, comment on Nick Young, who was caught up in the latest Fauxrenas adventure. Apparently, Young played well.

    “Nick played really good and I wanted to reward him for how he played,” Saunders said.

    Saunders rewarded him by putting him in on Thursday when Arenas came out of the game due to a right groin injury.

    While Arenas’s performance may have been disheartening, it seems his team hasn’t given up on him. Saunders expressed that he felt Arenas had been a loyal player during training camp. Wall said he hoped Arenas would recover quickly.

    “We have a great time playing every time we’re on the court,” he said.

    In the end, however, the Wizards lost to Milwaukee, 96-88.