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Jim Zorn Thought of Resigning

Zorn's friend, Steve Largent, rips Snyder, team



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    "Why does it always rain on me?"

    If last Sunday's decision to strip Jim Zorn of his play-calling duties was an attempt to emasculate the coach to get him to resign, it almost worked.  At least that's what Zorn's good friend Steve Largent told a Seattle radio station.

    Largent blistered the Skins up and down, and while he's speaking for himself, it's hard to imagine that Jim Zorn's perspective isn't being reflected somewhere in the Hall-of-Fame receiver's comments.

    When asked about whether Zorn thought about resigning, he told the radio station (as relayed by the Times), "Yes, he did consider it. And no, he did not want to give up those responsibilities.  They went to the point of pulling out his contract and said, 'You have to do whatever the owner tells you to do.' His choice was to either resign or to continue on under the current scenario. Jim's not a quitter. He said he wasn't going to quit on his coaching staff and quit on this team."

    Or quit on the paycheck.

    That's a pretty good insight with how things work around the Skins, though.  It demonstrates the dysfunction that permeates things.

    They clearly want to dump Zorn, but they don't have the tact, grace or competence to do it.  So they, like your common street-level thug, tried pressuring him to resign.  And how do they do that?  By whipping out a contract, pointing to a clause and saying "but you have to!"  Instead of running the team like professionals, they lawyer up to avoid having to make the tough decisions themselves.

    And what's the deal with a "you have to do what the owner says" clause in his contract?  How far does that extend?  Could Danny further emasculate Zorn and have him coach next Monday's game in a burgundy dress?

    Largent also said that he doesn't "know what a 'Dan Snyder coach' looks like, and I don't think Dan Snyder knows what a 'Dan Snyder coach' looks like. And that's fairly obvious now that he's been through about six head coaches in 10 years."

    Sadly, for Zorn, it doesn't look like him.  Danny probably thinks it looks like Mike Shanahan... or whatever hot name runs past his desk next week.