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Jim Harbaugh's Meltdown Is Internet Gold

Animated GIF of animated head coach is a hit.



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    This man is no ordinary man.

    Miss a call, freak out -- meet the Internet.

    San Francisco 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh reacted -- histrionically, perhaps; emotionally, most assuredly -- to a controversial referee's call late in the NFC Championship Game on Sunday. And a GIF of his moves -- falling to the turf as if struck, while sporting a look of pure agony and slapping his headset off of his head with hand -- is now Internet gold.

    See for yourself.

    GIF: After losing a challenge, Jim Harbaugh had an absolutely... on Twitpic

    Harbaugh, who will face his brother's Baltimore Ravens in the 49ers' first trip to the Super Bowl in 15 seasons in two weeks, is known for passionate outbursts. Some may call them theatrics, but there's no doubt something he's doing is working. On the Internet.

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    Harbaugh's 49ers defeated the Atlanta Falcons 28-24 to win a trip to the Super Bowl in Harbaugh's second season as head coach. Harbaugh was reacting to a referee's ruling that a ball that seemed to bounce incomplete was ruled a catch.