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Iverson's an All-Star

11th consecutive time he's made it on the team



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    Philadelphia 76ers' Allen Iverson is going back to the All-Star Game.

    Allen Iverson is an All-Star once again.

    The Sixers guard was voted onto the Eastern Conference team of the 2010 NBA All-Star Game, the team announced late Thursday.

    Iverson received 1.2 million votes from fans coming in second place among Eastern Conference guards.

    "The fans make us, you know, without the fans there wouldn't be no us," Iverson said after Thursday night's game against the Denver Nuggets. "They make us a household name."

    For Iverson, who resurrected his role at the Wachovia Center just a few months ago, this will be his 11th consecutive All-Star Game. He went to his first game back in 2000 as a Sixer.
    "For them to vote me in, you know, being that I don't play, what, 20 games or less, um, says a lot of them appreciating what I do on the basketball court," he said.

    Iverson is the last Sixer to make it on the team since 2006.