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Haynesworth Fails Conditioning Test - Again



    Haynesworth Shows Up, Works Out

    Albert Haynesworth works out at Redskins Park. nfl.com; redskins.com (Published Friday, July 30, 2010)

    The second verse was the same as the first for Big Al.

    Albert Haynesworth on Friday failed his conditioning test for a second consecutive day and is being forced to sit out practice again at Redskins training camp.

    Haynesworth did not pass the test Friday morning, in a repeat of his result Thursday, Day 1 of camp.

    How did Haynesworth feel after that first failure on Day 1?  Not very good.  Haynesworth said the following to NBC4 Thursday evening, as tweeted by Dan Hellie: "I'm tired of this B.S. I just want to get out on the field and play football."

    Redskins Fans Weigh in on Haynesworth

    [DC] Redskins Fans Weigh in on Haynesworth
    News4's Elaine Reyes spoke to fans about Albert Haynesworth failing his conditioning test for the second time.
    (Published Friday, July 30, 2010)

    After acing the first part of his conditioning test Thursday at Redskins Park, Haynesworth apparently couldn't complete the second portion -- because he had to use the bathroom.

    That's the word from the Washington Post's Jason Reid, who said Haynesworth was forced to start the second half of his test over after stopping halfway through for a lavatory break. Once the break was over, apparently so was Haynesworth's stamina.

    The tests were shuttle runs consisting of running of 25 yards down and back six times within 70 seconds and then repeating the set of six, tight end Chris Cooley told News4's Dan Hellie. Haynesworth's bathroom break meant after his first set of six, he was asked to do two more for a total of three sets of six.

    "It's hard for a big guy," Cooley said.

    "That test is tough for a lot of people," Philip Daniels said. "Look at Baltimore; they had guys fail it. That's no big deal. He'll be back on the field soon and we'll be good to go."

    Head coach Mike Shanahan disagreed.

    Dan Hellie at Redskins Park, Day 1

    [DC] Dan Hellie at Redskins Park, Day 1
    (Published Thursday, July 29, 2010)

    "This is not even a big test," he said. "This is something we do every day. Most people could do this test in their sleep."

    On Friday, Haynesworth needed 71 seconds to complete the test, Hellie reported. He is the only player required to perform the test right now because he's the only player who failed to attend at least 50 percent of off-season workouts.

    So where does that leave the $100 million disgruntled employee? Haynesworth will be hanging with the trainers and will try again to pass the test Saturday. He can't participate in camp until he does.

    And even when he does join his teammates, he'll be working with the reserves and not the starters, Shanahan said.

    "Albert was first class all the way and understood where I was coming from," Shanahan said after practice. "He understands that he has to be at a certain level to go out on the field and practice with the rest of our football team. If he gets there, he'll be with us. If he doesn't, then he won't."

    Haynesworth was back on the field after the team practiced Thursday afternoon with defensive coordinator Jim Haslett and defensive line coach Jacob Burney going over the 3-4 defense. Since he couldn't work out with his teammates, the coaches substituted trash cans as offensive linemen as they explained his role in the defense.

    Tweets from Training Camp:  Dan Hellie and Lindsay Czarniak will be sending out tweets throughout training camp.  You can follow them on Twitter @dhellie and @lindsayczarniak, respectively.  And, as always, you should follow @nbcwashington for the latest news and info from camp, as well.