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Hall Thankful for His Bodyguard



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    Does Albert Haynesworth skate? If the Washington Capitals need a new enforcer and have $100 million around, maybe they can get the Washington Redskins defensive lineman.

    When Big Al was seen throwing punches during Monday night's game, he was coming to the defense of teammate and new bestest buddy DeAngelo Hall, who told Redskins Insider he appreciated the support.

    "Al's definitely been a big brother to me out there on that field, holding it down for me," Hall said. "I definitely, definitely appreciate that guy coming over, and not only just coming over and helping me out. He knows when he's going out there and he's throwing 'em, he going to be writing a check, too, a couple of days later. He's still the first one over there."

    He might even find himself suspended. But that's nothing new for the 2009 Skins. Haynesworth's missed three games this season -- including two in which the D looked plenty strong without him (at Dallas and at Oakland) -- and has been seen falling to his knees, panting on the sideline and checking in to the locker room early countless other times.

    He is listed as probable with that bum ankle for Sunday night's game, if Principal Goodell -- a strict disciplinarian since he became NFL commissioner -- is light with his ruler.

    Then again, maybe Haynesworth isn't fit to be the Caps next Donald Brashear. He landed about as many punches as Peter McNeeley.