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Nervous Wreck Arenas Still Wants to Play for Wizards



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    Gilbert Arenas gives you two tickets to the gun show.

    Gilbert Arenas is back in the public eye.

    The suspended NBA star has been under the radar since pleading guilty to a felony gun charge. Arenas made his first public appearance Tuesday at an event for the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.

    Gilbert told an Associated Press reporter he is not nervous about his sentencing date in a few weeks. Arenas could go to jail.

    "If the judge goes off with the story the papers write, then, yeah," Arenas said. "But if he goes off the actual real story, then I have no problems with it."

    When it comes to playing basketball again, Arenas is apparently a nervous wreck. In this month's ESPN the Magazine, a new column by anonymous NBA star "NBA Player X" claims Arenas is very afraid about not being able to play in the NBA. 

    "I think this Arenas situation scared a lot of players. But I'm not sure if it will change much. The phone number the NBA gives us to call if we're struggling with alcohol and other things isn't going to start ringing off the hook. Thing is, this wasn't the first time Gilbert messed up. The NBA told him to chill a couple years ago, but I don't think he took it seriously. Word around the league is that he's at home freaking out, calling the NBA every five minutes to fix things, afraid it all might disappear."

    Last month, Wizards General Manager Ernie Grunfeld said he wants Arenas back next season. Gilbert said he has no problem playing for the Wizards again. Remember the Wizards owe Arenas a boatload of money.

    "Basketball is basketball. I don't think people realize that. No matter what city, overseas, D-league, park league -- I just want to play.''

    Where Arenas will play next is up in the air but the bigger question will be answered March 26.