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Gibbs Laughs Off Redskins Rumors

Former 'Skins coach says it's all talk



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    Former Redskins coach Joe Gibbs has no plans to return to Washington.

    Hall of Fame former Washington Redskinscoach Joe Gibbs squelched the rumor mill Sunday about a return to football.

    When asked at Martinsville Speedway about rumors and Internet reports that he could return to the team as an adviser or even general manager, he laughed, the AP reported.

    "That's what it is. Talk,'' the owner of three NASCAR Sprint Cup Series teams said. "Right here's where I'm GMing.''

    Gibbs also disagreed with the idea that the Redskins coaching job is one of the toughest in the NFL under owner Dan Snyder.

    "When I was there last go-round, we had somebody that was a passionate owner, cared about things and supported me in every
    way,'' he said. "I think any NFL team, it's tough when you're not winning, and those things are easy to get off. All you've got to do is look around this year and Tennessee and some of the other teams are struggling that were real good last year.''

    As for other NFL teams' misfortunes, Gibbs said: "It's easy to get 'em off and I think it takes a while to get them straightened out. Hopefully we get it going there (in Washington).''

    And speaking of Washington, Gibbs was not hard on the fans either.

    "I think it's pro sports. The fans are passionate and they want a winner, but I think that's part of pro sports,'' Gibbs said.

    The Redskins are 2-4 entering their Monday night game against Philadelphia, despite having set an NFL record by giving victories away to at least three teams who were previously winless this season.

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