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Game's On. Will Tom Cruise Jinx it?

Will Mr. Scientology throw the game?



    Game's On. Will Tom Cruise Jinx it?
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    Tom Cruise. The devil incarnate? If his presence causes the 'Skins to lose, yes.

    O.K. Fourth quarter. The Washington Redskins have scored another touchdown and Albert Haynesworth's back after a sack injury, but the Detroit Lions still have the lead, 19-14.

    'Skins fans via Twitter are suggesting putting actor Tom Cruise on the field.

    Cruise, who's at Ford Field Sunday as a guest of Redskins owner Dan Snyder, was being blamed in advance if Washington loses. But we say, c'mon Washington, you've got to fight the "curse of Cruise!"

    From the Twitter-field: 

    ruthiem: Hey Dan Snyder, maybe you should give Tom Cruise the ball on the next play. #redskins #firejimzorn #NFL
    Tinnerz10: #redskins should put Tom Cruise on the field. It can't get any worse.
    RickMaese: Anyone know Redskins' record when Tom Cruise is in attendance? Curse of Cruise?
    KateHeflin: Glad Zorn spent pregame prep time hanging out with DC sports legend Tom Cruise. Snyder, you're killing us. #redskins
    JRobey83: Tom Cruise is apparently at the #Redskins game. If they lose to the #Lions it's his fault.
    JoeJacobi: @jasonwoodmansee @redskinsblog Maybe the fans are saying "O" please Tom Cruise leave the building now and stop cursing the #redskins.
    LarryLage: #Redskins Tom Cruise signed autographs for #Lions fans, but I'd bet they'd trade the keepsake for a 'W' #AP_NFL .
    Maybe Tom Cruise is there to deliver the dramatic news to Zorn... #redskins .

    And if the 'Skins do manage to lose to Detroit (nnnooooooooo!!!)? Some say the Zorn era could be over before it begins.