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Former Washington Wizard Promotes Bicycling in DC

NBA All-Star and Denmark Prince will ride around the National Mall Monday.



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    The MDC may be putting on the brakes for cyclists who ride at the West Hartford Reservoir.

    NBA and European royalty will be in the district Monday to promote bicycling.

    Two-time NBA All-Star and former Washington Wizard Caron Butler will join the Crown Prince of Denmark for a ride around the National Mall.

    Members of Congress will also join in on the ride.

    It’s all part of a new partnership between Butler and the League of American Bicyclists.

    The league represents the interests of bicyclists in America.

    Butler, who’s now a forward for the Dallas Mavericks, founded the program in 2005.

    So far, the league has given more than 2,500 bicycles to children in Washington and his hometown of Racine, Wisconsin.